Stage 2: surface

Origins multiply into layers of possibility. 

This is our Surface Collection.

Once the origin finds itself in fertile ground, it desires to start expressing the instructional code it contains inside. Each origin has a different form and function it needs to attain. The first instruction it follows is to replicate itself. The Origin becomes a layer, or Surface, that has the potential to further assemble and organize itself into a new state of matter.  

Our Surface Collection is a series of layered tissue cultures formed by multiplying our Origin starter cultures. Whereas our Origin Culture can still be transcribed, our Surface cultures contain translated DNA code and are thus only useable in the genetic form that you purchase. They are, however, ready to be installed and grown without the wait and variance of starting from scratch. 

The surfaces are grown in our ateliers on mineral-rich growth banks where they can be ordered to any size that you may require. Our Surface products are best suited for protective coverings such as roofing or floor membranes, decorative applications such as textiles, but can also be used as moldable mass or light structural forms. 

The Surface has to be grown in place and shape for best results, and comes with an instructional brochure, in print and digital. We also have an installation and design service for ease of cultivation and installation. 

The starter culture you choose can be grown and developed into a wide variety of materials, products and organisms depending on your design needs. We provide enough so that you can start multiple cultures, but we also hope that you may learn to multiply and grow your own strains so that you may become a self-sufficient in your materials needs.  

Most of our Origins Collection is for the more the experienced GIY* enthusiast.

We also stock an Educational Starter Pack which comes with enough medium for six weeks and a guide on what to expect, optimum nutrition recommendations, habitat suggestions and an easy-to-use phone-app growth tracker. 

Types of starter cultures include Cells, DNA code, protein strains, filaments, seeds, eggs and chemically activated minerals.